Virility Patch RX
Virility Patch RX
For all men looking for a quality virility enhancer based on plants and 100% made out of vitamins and herbs ingredients, Virility Patch Rx is the safest alternative for increased erections, long lasting effect during intercourse and stronger orgasms. A product for men which stands as one of the best male enhancement patches on the market with no prescription needed. Main ingredients are Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Damiana, Menthol and Fo-Ti.
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Common use


                Virility Patch Rx is a product meant to increase the penis size and the sexual pleasure and it is commonly used by men seeking for better performance in bed but also for men with light erectile problems. Known to provide fast effects on all types of users, it is commonly used by millions of men across the world. It is very simple to use compared with other similar products, much safer than other methods of increasing the penis size and completely out of natural ingredients which means the patch will work on any type of user without any major risk.


Dosage and directions


                Use on patch for a maximum apply on the skin of three days. The patch should be applied on a clean body surface, not on the face or on the genitals. The natural ingredients in the patch will increase the blood flow to your penis, increasing its size and natural erection with up to 20%. Along side the increased penis size, other natural ingredients in the patch will provide a boost of energy during intercourse.




                Keep the face and genitals safe from appling the patch on them as the product is designed for parts of the body where are skin is thick enough for the ingredients to enter the blood flow in a moderate manner. Make sure the area where the patch will be applied is clean and dry. Each patch should be warn for a maximum of a three day cycle.




                Do not abuse alcohol when the patch is attached and keep away from other stimulant preparations which may interfer with the patch's natural effect. If you suffer from heart problems, it's best to consult your doctor before using the Virility Patch RX. Since it's a natural male enhancement which increases the blood flow to your penis in order to make it look bigger, users suffering from various blood pressure problems should avoid using this product.


Possible side effects


                Although these are no known side effects as a result of using the Virility Patch RX, some forms of allergy or local irritation might occur of you suffer from sensitive skin or atopic skin disorder. Read the instructions very carefully and do not hesitate to seek medical guidance for a better understanding on how the Virility Patch works.




Missed dose


                Since Virility Patch RX is a male enhancement product in the form of a patch which can be applied and left for a maximum of three days on the skin, there is no need to talk about a missed dose. Since it's a herbal remedy for increasing the penis size and sexual pleasure and not a treatment for any type of problem, missed doses are not a necessary matter.




                When it comes to overdose, Virility Patch RX is known to be safe and highly reliable with little to no risks of an over dose. However, sticking more than one patch in order to boost the effect might lead to unwanted allergies or possible nausea. Applying more than one patch will not lead to a better effect or faster results but it will increase the risk of total failure in reaching the desired results and a possible overdose.




                It's best to keep the Virility Patch RX in cool and dry places sealed in it's original box and at temperatures not bigger than 25 Celsius. Keep away from children or pets and never use a patch that is opened or unsealed. Also, expired patches are NOT to be used anymore. Dispose the used patches in the trash and never in clean waters or toilets.



            All products presented at this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don't hesitate to consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbal supplement.